Terra Drone Corporation Solidifies South East Asia Presence with Establishment of New Base in Malaysia

Terra Drone aspires to collaborate with local players to provide services in O&G, Telco, Power and Construction, Agriculture and Government Agencies in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR 15 JUNE 2020:  Terra Drone Corporation (TDJP), a Tokyo-based technology company and one of the global leaders in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) total solutions provider and enabler, is now officially in Malaysia. 

With a real physical presence in more than 15 countries, TDJP incorporated their latest entity, Terra Drone Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TDMY) in Kuala Lumpur on 24th February 2020.

Terra Drone Technology Malaysia Management Team
Terra Drone Technology Malaysia Team

Based in Technology Park Malaysia, TDMY will be providing drone survey, inspection and industrial services for multiple industries such as Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Power, Construction, Agriculture, Government Agencies, among others. The objectives are not so much to compete against the existing Drone Service Providers (DSP), not aiming to be the number one DSP in Malaysia, nor not even to disrupt what was already disrupted by the existing DSP.

Instead, TDMY’s main objective is to bring the TDJP’s global and industrial technologies to Malaysia so as to spur Malaysia’s drone Industrial Revolution.

One of Terra Drone Technology Malaysia military-grade high-endurance drones
Terra Drone military-grade high-endurance drones

To achieve this, Izwan Zainal Abidin, Managing Director/CEO of TDMY said,

“We are looking forward to collaborating, rather than competing, with the Malaysian authorities the likes of Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM), among others, and all the existing DSP in Malaysia and the surrounding region, regardless whether they are our potential partners, clients or even competitors. We are more than happy to work with all parties, for the betterment of drone industries in general, and for the benefits of Malaysians in particular.”

With TDJP’s UAV manufacturing capabilities spanning across Asia and Europe, TDMY is able to leverage on TDJP’s strength in manufacturing & producing various types of drones, primarily the specialized grades drones such as military, LiDAR, Ultrasonic (UT), VTOL, mapping, GIS underground mining, and others. TDMY shall be able to offer these drones to the Malaysian market through outright sales and purchase, leasing or even as Drone as-a Service (DaaS).

Terra Drone Technology Malaysia has well-trained & professional UAV pilots
Terra Drone well-trained & professional UAV pilots at work

Toru Tokushige, CEO/Founder of Terra Drone Corporation said,

“In the spirit of promoting collaborations with others, TDMY is delighted to offer to the open market, including to our competitors for that matter, the development services of various AI-powered drone-based software and apps, from TDJP’s very own software houses globally.”

To a certain extent, TDMY is also able to offer solutions as Platform as-a Service (PaaS) and Software as-a Service (SaaS), at very attractive and reasonable terms.

Finally, for those who do not want the hassle of owning, purchasing or maintaining the hardware, and also do not want to spend money or resources in employing software developers and programmers for the development of software, TDMY can be their Drone Service Provider (DSP), too.

“After all, as TDJP has been in this industry since 2016, we know very well all the challenges abound”, Toru Tokushige added.

Media Contact:

Managing Director/CEO

+6019 599 9664 / izwan@terradrone.com.my, izwan@terra-drone.co.jp

Firdaus Ismail,

Business Development Manager

+6011 2365 9778 / firdaus@terradrone.com.my / firdaus.ismail@terra-drone.co.jp

About Terra Drone Corporation

Terra Drone Corporation is one of the world’s largest industrial drone service companies with more than 500 employees, established in 2016. The company’s head office is located in Tokyo, Japan, with 25+ branches globally throughout APAC, the European Union, South America, and now Africa. Terra Drone provides innovative industrial drone technologies empowered with LiDAR and photogrammetric surveying methods for construction, electricity, energy, and oil and gas sectors. Terra Drone specializes in high-performance hardware, cutting-edge software, drone services, and drone traffic management systems (UTM).

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Terra Drone Technology Malaysia
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Terra Drone Technology Malaysia is part of Terra Drone Group which focuses on providing services to construction, mining, oil & gas, energy, and utilities industry.

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