High Resolution Visual Inspection to Minimize Human Risk

We cannot always rely on human visual sight to see how the condition of hazardous facilities such as flare stack and underdeck without facing huge human risk. Therefore, AeroGeosurvey try to tackle this issue by providing visual inspection using drone, which can reduce human risk significantly without losing any important information to be captured. Thermal imagery can also be provided to show more insights regarding the performance of the facility.

Identify Illegal Activities using High Resolution Imagery

Not only for visual inspection, drone can also be used to provide high resolution imagery to identify illegal activities such as illegal wells and refineries. Oil spill can also be detected by comparing the baseline data to understand the environmental change. Besides, it can also be used to map all of the assets and equipment being used for operation. By doing this, a lot of dangerous tasks can be easily performed with more controllable risks.

Monitor Pipeline Network in Hazardous Area

Drone can be deployed easily to monitor pipeline network in various area, especially hazardous area where illegal activities often happen. This drone can be equipped with various sensors such as high resolution camera, thermal camera to detect leakage or trespassers in dense area, as well as night vision camera to identify object and activities at night.

This can ease the task of security patrol to ensure the production and the performance of the midstream assets.

Ultrasonic Testing for Tall Objects without Rope Access

Now, not only visual inspection using high resolution and thermal imagery, but also Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) especially Ultrasonic Testing (UT) can now be performed by using drone. By having this solution, the process can be improved in terms of time and safety of the worker.

This solution can be used for onshore storage tank, especially the internal part of the tank. Besides testing, the drone is also equipped with blaster to eliminate soft rust and liquid penetrant.

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